APKTime APK: Newest Variant Download + Install to Firestick & Android TV

Download the App and Install APKTime for FireStick & Android TV 

Considering Firestick Apps? Before long gone the best guide for everyone is explained below! Underneath are given steps to install the APKTime App Store for Firestick.

The advisory given below demonstrates the steps you need to take to quickly & effortlessly download and install APKTime’s latest version onto Firestick and Android gadget (inclusive of Android TV!).

UPDATE: Here newest version of the app we see is APK Time v2.2Initialize download APKTime 2.2 by copy and paste this URL- http://bit.ly/apktime22 to the Downloader app for Firestick, or click here to right away download this APK file for APKTime. 

TVCola LITE: Available is TVCola app that is like APK Time though bundles an easy-to-operate “TVCola Lite” area, that ONLY has the widely used Firestick apps.

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The definitive uses of APKTime? 

Starting with, a swift run-through about details of APKs. Assuming that you’ve hands-on an Android operating system earlier, you’ve perhaps put your hands on an app downloaded from the Google Play Store or somewhere else. An APK is firstly in general Android-developed app that could be downloaded! 

One thing that is extraordinary around APKs is the certainty that they aren’t bounded to an ethically single marketplace, such as iOS apps. A person can download APKs from websites and alternative mechanism, here the APKTime perform an important role. 

Assuming that you’re considering downloading several Android apps, assuming that you install APKTime on FireStick, this app can fulfil your requirements for all APK that you need to download. Using the APKTime app one stays at top, you’ll consistently remain updated about the greatest FireStick and Android streaming APKs. Within the app exists a rating system for apps using user feedback, latest update releases and news, and more. 

The true worth of this app is that it makes it straightforward to choose among the app to download onto your FireStick. At hand exists various choices apparantely out at hand a certain effectively making it puzzling—APKTime deals with this issue by presenting the various choices out for you. 

In short, APKTime is somewhat like a substitute to the Google Play Store in certain it provides a abundant choice of best apps that is available for you to download—completely in single place! The considerable stuff regarding APKTime is the range of apps it offer. You are able to discover various different category of apps than purely streaming, like sports, adult, family-related, and more. 

Here, given is a full instructions to download, setting up, and using APKTime on your FireStick. One is able to download it fully within the Downloader app.

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The requirements fulfilled by APKTime for FireStick and Android

Among the various reasons you should download APKTime onto the Firestick attached to your entertainment system. Using APKTime is essentially like enhancing your participation in large number of means, presenting to you hundreds of various other apps to download!

It’s simple to install APKTime on FireStick, and it actually plays as a one-stop-shop to download any apps that you want to enjoy. Considering its rankings and news regarding the great apps updates in timely manner, you’ll regularly be in the twist. Installing apps is now more easier than ever before, and one is able to do the stuff without the Google Play Store as the mediator.

In able to get the most out of APKTime useful apps, some stuff that one must have in thoughts. It efficiently might have trouble performing with ease at the starting point if a few boxes aren’t marked ‘tick’. To avoid any crashes or performance concerns, here’s a checklist of a few stuff you need to be informed of in advance before using APKTime:

  • Before using APKTime make sure to switch to NordVPN. If you’re facing issues running APKTime then turn off any VPN you are using as they are known to cause problems.
  • The minimum required OS for running APKTime is Android 3.0, thus make sure you are running this version or higher.
  • If your Firestick system is crashing then the faster & quickest way to fix this would be to clear cache data.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the App installed and check for updates if your app is not working.
  • If your app is crashing and no other solution is working to get it up and running properly, then make sure to restart the Firestick or Android device and the app should be ready to work properly.


Among the various reason, it makes best logic to have APKTime on your Firestick or Android device. Some of the great factors to have APKTime on your device are mentioned below:

  • With regular updates applied to the APKTime app the bugs are constantly fixed and the app runs smoothly.
  • The updates in APKTime app are downloaded and applied automatically.
  • Easy to use and glitch-free user interface is used hence no problems in going through the navigation menu.
  • Tedious wait period is eliminated after installing APKTime on Firestick or Android device.
  • Huge range of apps and ranked on the basis of category, like sports, music, games, adult, and streaming.
  • App has no ads within it and costs no money, hence its 100% free of cost.

APKTime features could be enjoyed by its users on their end free of cost. This app has huge variety of features that is hard to find somewhere else.

The steps to follow for installing APKTime onto Firestick:

Use APK Time Installation steps just below the video.

Below are the detailed instructions to Install APKTime on Firestick

  1. Get the Downloader app for Firestick

The Downloader app shown in the Firestick search screen

2. Enter the address http://bit.ly/apktime22 into the Downloader app for Firestick

Enter the address into Downloader

3. Press “Install” after your Firestick downloads the APKTime APK

4. Then press “Open” to launch APK Time for Firestick

5. Quickly install a VPN app on your Firestick to secure your data and fix Firestick issues

Finally, scroll down a bit check out the “How Do I Use APKTime..” section below to install great apps.

How to Install APKTime Latest Version on Android TV / Phone / Tablet

  1. Open the web browser on your Android device

2. Enter the address http://bit.ly/apktime22 into your Android device’s web browser

3. Launch the downloaded file

4. Press “Install

Press INSTALL to install APKTime for Android

5. Then press “Open” to launch APKTime

After APK Time is open, use the section below to install apps using APK Time.

How do I Use APK Time to install apps?

  1. Launch APKTime
  2. Select a category like Top APKs

Choose the “Top APKs” category

  1. Press the DOWNLOAD button for whichever app you want to download

The Download button looks like this

  1. Wait a few minutes for the new app to download
  2. Press “Install
  3. Then press “Open” to launch the newly-installed app
  4. Enjoy!

Old Versions of APKTime

  • Its possible to download APKTime v1.9 from here (but it no longer works)
  • Now download APK Time 2.1 from here (and still seems to work, even though APK Time v2.2 is the latest version)
  • APK Time Orange is just the Orange-themed version of the app
  • APK Time Black is simply the Black-themed version of the app (for “Dark-mode”)

Is APKTime Safe?

As there are few apps on APKTime that offers unlicensed TV Shows or Movies that could be watched free of cost, it is highly suggested as a well known fact to make use of an encrypted VPN during streaming of Movies or TV Shows to remain invisible online to legal agencies, police, federal spying agencies and government organizations. An encrypted VPN will hide your location, identity, and activities from corporations, hackers or government organizations. The VPN service is highly recommended as it to prevent the government agencies or police from tracking you for streaming unlicensed TV Shows or Movies as they are potentially from illegal sources, as most of you knows that your streaming activity may be monitored at various times.

To add a reward, a great VPN will allow you to access region blocked content on the streaming apps that are most popular. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all have content that is hidden from certain countries. A VPN unblocks the region locked videos on these mentioned platforms!

Opting for the right VPN would be a tough choice. There are many options for which you will have to overpay, and lots of free VPN are in the very little known cases to users are tracking and putting together your internet usage when you want to browse the internet anonymously. Putting forward to you our favorite VPN service for which we are providing exclusive discount to our blog readers.

Again, it is highly essential to choose a VPN for protecting and hiding your streaming activities while this also prevents you trouble with federal agencies, government departments  while you stream all the best apps on APKTime.

List of Trending APKs

Check out APKTime.com for the list of trending free APKs. Here’s a quick sample of some APKs that are trending (at the time this article was written).

APKTime Trending Apps

And here’s a list of the current reigning champs:

Top 10 Free Android APKs
Sports TV
Cinema APK
Solex TV APK
DofuStream APK
Cyberflix TV APK
Mediabox V1 APK
Filelinked APK
Catmouse APK
Live NetTV

APKTime Pin Code

The APKTime app has a pin code for the Adult section and for the Graveyard section.

What is the APKTime Adult Pin? 

Looking to watch adult content in the APKTime app, required is a pin to enter adult section. The adult movies if you want them to show up might not get displayed when you don’t want them to be displayed. Hence, the code you’ll need to access adult movies, shows, and more: 6969.

What is the APKTime Graveyard Pin? 

At certain times, it is required that you need an older version of a particular app. This version won’t pop up regularly, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging. Luckily, there’s a pin that can give you access to older, outdated apps. The pin for this is: 1212.

Top Apps Available on APKTime 

So, once you install APKTime on FireStick, you should know about the current top apps to get. There’s a great selection of streaming apps that you can now access!

Here’s a quick list of our readers’ favorite apps to use with APKTime for FireStick:

  • Kodi
  • Cetus Play
  • Movie HD
  • Megabox HD
  • TV Zion
  • Morpheus TV
  • Popcorn Time
  • Anime Droid
  • Stremio
  • Cyberflix
  • Typhoon TV
  • Tubi TV
  • Cinema HD
  • Media Box
  • File Linked
  • Bee TV
  • Mobdro

The above mentioned are a range of apps to use with the APKTime app that are top rated and most widely used. You can stream shows, watch free movies, catch sports games, and more with these great apps. 

APK Time for Roku

Unfortunately, APK Time is not able to be installed directly onto a Roku, since Roku uses a completely different operating system than Amazon Fire TV (which basically runs on a modified version of Android TV OS).

However – you can CAST from smartphone to Roku.

Therefore, you can get APK Time on Roku by following these steps:

  1. Install APK Time on your smartphone
  2. Use APK Time to install apps on your smartphone
  3. Then launch whichever app on your smartphone that you’d like to see on your Roku
  4. Lastly, cast from your smartphone to Roku by pressing the “Cast” button in the corner of the screen

It’s probably much easier just to get an Amazon Firestick and install APK Time on that.

APKTime for Windows

The APK Time APK is not available to install directly on Windows. BUT – you can install an Android emulator on Windows to install APK Time on Windows and use it to install, launch, and run excellent third party Firestick / Android apps.


Since Windows is a completely different operating system than Android OS / Fire OS, the actual APK Time installer file is not openable by Windows.

So here’s what you do to get APKTime for Windows:

  1. Install an Android emulator on your Windows computer. Three of the best Android emulators are: Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and MEMu Play.
  2. Inside the Android emulator, launch the web browser.
  3. Enter the address tvcola.com/apktime into the web browser
  4. Download / save the APK file.
  5. Launch the file
  6. Press INSTALL
  7. Then press OPEN to launch APK Time for Windows

You’re done! You should now see the APK Time home screen on your x86 / x64 PC!

APK Time FileLinked

If you’re looking for a Filelinked code that lets you install APK Time, then use this Filelinked code:

  • 66575558

The Filelinked code above shows you the APK Time app, which is in SECTION 3 of the Filelinked code. Section 3 is labeled “TOOLS, ETC”.


APK Time Not Working

If APK Time is not working for you, then don’t fear!

We have several ways to fix it and at least a handful of alternatives.

To fix APK Time, you can usually follow these steps to fix it:

  • Just Force Close the app from the Firestick Settings menu, then re-launch APK Time.
  • Or you can power cycle your Fire stick by unplugging the power cord, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.
  • If the first two fixes didn’t work, then uninstall APK Time and re-install APK Time using the steps at the top of this page.

Many Firestick users are unknowingly not connected to their WiFi network, so make sure you check that if you have APK Time not working issues.

APK Time Not Downloading Apps

If APK Time is not downloading apps for you, then try these fixes:

  1. Restart the APK Time app by going to the Firestick Settings area – Applications – Manage Installed Applications. Then select APK Time, press Force Stop / Force Close, then press Launch application.
  2. Check the Firestick disk space that’s available. It’s possible your Firestick disk space is full.
  3. Re-install the APK Time app using the instructions higher up on this page

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